Employment History, Consulting and Freelance Programming

Concurrent with my regular employment positions, I also perform consulting and freelance programming.

Vör Security (Previously TwoDucks Inc.)
CEO and Founder
Oct 2013 - Jun 2017

TwoDucks consulting was incorporated in October 2013 and recently renamed to Vör Security. Since its incorporation Vör Security has grown to a small company of three employees.

Vör Security developed the free open source vulnerability tracking system, OSS Index, which together were acquired by Sonatype in June 2017. During this time OSS Index added support for numerous ecosystems and tool integrations and scanners.

  • Ecosystems
    • Bower
    • Chocolatey
    • Debian
    • Drupal
    • Maven
    • npm
    • NuGet
    • PyPi
    • RubyGems
    • RPM
  • Integrations/scanners
    • Audit.js (npm)
    • Audit.NET (Visual Studio)
    • DevAudit (Multi-platform multi-ecosystem scanner written in C#)
    • Maven plugin (java)
    • Gradle plugin (java)
TwoDucks Consulting
Sole Proprietor, Consultant, Software Architect, Software Developer
Dec 2003 - Oct 2013

Established a company (Twoducks Consulting, Sole Proprietorship) to provide freelance programming and consulting services. TwoDucks incorporated in October, 2013. My activities at TwoDucks include:

  • Building, installing, maintaining company infrastructure
  • Interfacing with customers to gather requirements
  • Developing, testing, and deploying custom software solutions

Besides special features for established products, Twoducks Consulting designed, developed, and deployed custom software systems for multiple clients. Several of the freelance development and consulting jobs described below fit under the umbrella of this company. Additional contracts not mentioned in their own sections include functionality such as:

  • A simplified content management system used by multiple non-technical clients, with functionality including:
    • Mechanisms for updating text and graphical content in a WYSIWYG environment
    • Scheduling/Calendar capabilities
    • A contact page which provided a way for the customers to contact the client but filtering out spam. The contract ended once the vacation home was sold.
  • Upgrade/port of Linux kernel driver module for scientific photon counting board use in LIDaR (Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) applications. The upgrade involved porting from a Linux 2.2.x kernel to a 2.4.x kernel, and also required fixes to bugs found in counting board operations in extreme operation situations. The LIDaR application involved included the remote installation and operation of the equipment in the high arctic and therefore required high degrees of stability.

KDM Analytics
Senior Software Developer
Mar 2007 - Dec 2008
While working as a contractor for KDM Analytics my roles included:
  • Software development
  • Providing services to customers, which often includes custom solutions
  • Following related developments in the field, with the aim of improving KDM Analytics' offerings
  • Integration of various open source and customized tools to provide new service and tool offerings
  • Some company IT services which includes:
    • Development of the company intranet which assists with collaboration
    • Management of various company source code repositories
    • Secure remote access to all intranet resources and source repositories
At the beginning of 2009 I moved from a contract to full-time regular employee.
HMA Technologies Inc.
Software developer
Nov 2005 - Dec 2005
Updated the payment system.
  • Simplified the configuration to allow for multiple specialized payment sites
  • Automatic license key generation and management
  • Improved order tracking and fulfillment using special text-based SQL database (no SQL server available)
HMA Technologies Inc.
Software developer
May 2002 - Jun 2002
Implemented a basic order system integrated with the MiraPay eCommerce payment gateway.
  • Collect user information
  • Calculate taxes depending on user location (specifically GST for Canada and PST for Ontario).
  • Track payment status
  • Client and server side field verification
  • Succesfully fulfilled thousands of orders
Hypertech Initiatives Inc.
Software developer
May 1995 - Dec 1996
This part time job with a startup web software company, Hypertech Initiatives helped to develop my knowledge and skills of the web environment. I was involved in projects with two major customers creating customized solutions in e-commerce.
  • Sole developer of a textual HTML tag editor, "ScapeGoat".
  • Sole developer of CGI scripts which interfaced between web-servers and the "HyperBase" database to serve up product information on two major company's web sites.