Highlights of Qualifications

Mr. Duck has over 26 years of industry experience in computer software system engineering. He has worked for four start-up companies as the original and primary software designer/developer, with over 19 years in senior positions. He has worked in a wide variety of roles throughout his career, most recently as Sonatype's Product Manager of Data Security, which develops tools and features for the collection and presentation of security vulnerabilities to customers. He has extensive experience in the areas of software security, data mining, static analysis technology, and threat risk analysis modelling, and worked closely with clients consulting them on the best practices of applying static analysis tools and technologies. He has spearheaded the design and development of multiple company's key technologies, in many cases identifying and prototyping features and products that have become cornerstones for the company’s products.

In 2013 Mr. Duck founded Vör Security and created OSS Index. In 2017 Vör Security was acquired by Sonatype. Mr. Duck is a key contributor on OSS Index to this day, both as a developer and a Product Manager within Sonatype.

Having consistently worked in start-up environments, Mr. Duck is comfortable working with multiple concurrent projects.

Mr. Duck’s areas of expertise include:


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